Thursday, August 21, 2008

...And My Spirit-ah, Was Awaken-ah, by the Word-ah, of Slimkid-ah!

This is all i have from it. This is the only glance I captured from when Slim Kid 3 jumped off stage and yelled at my ass for sitting down. Yeah, you don't believe me. But it happened.

After De La did their final freeze to "Rock Co.Kane Flow", my bro and I took a halftime break as we circumlocated the amphitheater. Just as the roach began to die I headed (as lifted as I was) to the stage to see who was on. Three DJ's spinning records, nothing to write home to mom about.

But then I hear "ARE Y'ALL READY FOR THE PHARCYDE?!". My heart races. I call up my brother telling him to get his booty down to our 3rd row seats (YEE) because the boys are back in town. I run down those concrete stairs (hoping I wouldn't slip and crack my skull and miss this) and planted my feet on the ground. I was jumping around to sounds of Long Beach's finest, not paying attention to the chronic headache I got from the bleezy. But out of nowhere, cramps and stomach pains took over me.

I had to sit. I felt like shit, and the fucking insane bass penetrating into my uncovered ears didn't help. Oh why, oh why! I tried to do my best at seat grooving to the beat but I just needed to chill out and breathe. A few songs into it, Slim Kid spots me.

I was sitting there, looking like a complete fool, fingers in my ears, wincing with pain. Slim gives me a look, hops on down, gets as close to me as possible and yells "OH SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!". It was crazy. I wish I would have handed my brother the camera but I had no idea what was happening. It was miraculous.

Meanwhile, as one of my heroes is screaming at me, my brother's just doing his best Nelson Muntz with the point and laugh. I could believe what just happened.

And just as he leaves, I stand, still feeling the pain but working through it. Hip hop woke me up in a very unphilisophical way. Shit's pretty funny.

More from Rock the Bells 08 coming soon.

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