Saturday, November 8, 2008

if you're gonna do one thing different when listening to hip-hop

just focus on the break beats
let them get in you, each one
one at a time tho, don't go too crazy
let the rhythm hit em
you don't have to bounce your head
you don't have to shake your ass
you don't have to put your hands in the air
just listen
those "long red"s
"funky drummer"s
"impeach the president"s
then as the soothing drums put you to sleep
listen to the words
no not the lyrics
check the rhyme
see how the cadences fall right in between those drums
the "kick, snare, snare kick snare" playing with
"the smooth criminal on beatbreaks"
feel how rae rides the drums on "faster blade"
or even ricky dee's "la di da di"s over dougie's beatbox
let the voice mingle with the beats in your ears
then, maybe, you'll hear what i'm hearing

(it's called hip hop)

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