Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas folks

i woke up today thinking i'll get a calendar and a book for the "christian" holiday our family celebrates. i know i'm getting old for this, and it's wierd to get anything in the first place. but umma and appa just wanted us to be "normal", and in the commercially dominated 90's that meant getting all the lastests. so i would mostly get the presents i'd wanted, and always wanted the presents i got. the walkman, the n64, the big willy style tape. it really didn't make much sense considering i'd always get the freshest gear for diwali, but how could a kid say no? and it felt awkward when the kids asked "does yoour faaamily ceelebrate chriistmaas??" what was i to say?
"not really, but my mom and dad give me presents
to make me feel welcome in this christian dominated community."
but not in '08. i thought that this christmas would be low key. i know we need to cut back with this economic mess. and i really didn't want anything...

besides a drum machine.

i woke up today thinking about nothing in particular, and now i can't stop thinking about kick, snares, and samples.

christ it feels good.

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