Monday, April 21, 2008

A Track You Need to Bump Before You Die (Vol. 2) 4:21 Edition

my head hurts my head hurts my head hurts my head hurts

Suspended Animation by K.M.D.

Dro Rules Everything Around Me DREAM Get Some Papers Smokin Cheeba Cheeba Y'all

The sun hangs low in the clouds as the big hand hits the South Eastern edge of the clock. It's a warm April day here in Davis. The combo of a cool breeze of fresh air and stanky (and I'm not talking about the cowshit) gives you goose pimples. My fingers are sticky, the papers are out, the bic is sparkin'. Suddenly out of nowhere you hear:

"Suspended animation of a gray expansion casting shadows over the sun"

Then the beat hits you. Raw, hard-hitting, grimy, bass-in-your-face slaps to your eardrums as you hear someone crying "I want to get high! So high!" Yep, it's K.M.D.

I've been splitting blunts, I lick 'em then I spit once/
It's nasty, shit tastes like cancer in my tongue and fronts/"

The Brothers Dumile were probably baked as pecan pies on every track off their forgotten masterpiece Black Bastards, but there's something about "Suspended Animation" that just oozes tetrahydrocannabinol. The track's hazy feel makes for a perfect backdrop for crystal-ridden rhymes of sticky icky goodness, and a young MF Doom acts as a spokesman for the common toker.

Daniel Dumile goes on a tear, taking the pothead badge and reppin' it hard. One verse? No problem.

So light up, get the Philly broke, smoke a toke/
Pipe full, cause when I pull, I pull until I choke/
Like *coughs* and that's the only shit I'm choking/
Ducking hookers, saying "Yo why you be bugging?"/
I'm fucking stuck in (suspended animation) for one I'm done/
Casting shadows over the sun for fun/"

This is my kinda smoking jam. No trippy beats on some hippie bullshit, no samples from clichés like Marin and Tommy, just a song with some "muthafuckin' bass in it". The song's infectious beat is so perfect that it'll make any stoner look like a bobblehead riding in their thick-clouded car.

Super Silver Kush be killin' my brain, but a dose of early morning Stats helps to put me back on the ground after flying all night.

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