Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Say Word?! Ya Heard!?: The Go! Team

So, what's your favorite Action Hero Theme Song/Cheerleading Chants/Indie Rock/Simplified Hip-hop band?

Trailblazing a genre that you've never heard of, the UK sextet The Go! Team churns out high energy ballads that could either be heard in anime movies or cliche workout scenes.

The band is the brainchild of experimentalist and Go! Team guitarist Ian Parton, whose vision was to fuse all that he loved into a cohesive sound. The result is something that combines 3 Feet High and Rising's quirky humor and obscure samples with Sonic Youth noise rock guitar riffs. Accompanying Parton are two drummers (cus it takes two to make your beats extra funky), a bassist and another guitarist. However, the leader of the group is definitely their emcee, Ninja, whose high pitched voice and simplistic party rhymes are reminiscent of a young Roxanne Shante. Ninja creates girl power chants that resonate over the bands use of multiple instruments. Her child-like voice accompanied by the band's melodic instrumentals makes for happy songs that capture the essence of energetic rambunctious school kids high off slurpee syrup and sour patch sugar.

More than anything, The Go! Team makes pump-it-up jams that'll get you ready to run marathons, scale mountains, and fuck like there's no tomorrow. While some high-tempo musicians want to make you feel like you just got slapped in the eardrums, The Go! Team takes your eardrums on a night out, forces them to down 42 Red Bulls and peer pressures them into snorting 36 lines of coke. Boomselecktah.

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