Thursday, June 19, 2008

ATYN2BBYD (Vol. 3) Dance Cute to Misogynistic Music

Bitch I Don't Need Ya by Scientifik

"I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man, Don't forget it BITCH"

The late Scientifik never got the dues he deserved during his short career. His debut album, Criminal, is an underground classic, and his second and unfortunatly final album, The Most Blunted, could be mentioned with The Grind Date, Black Bastards and The LP as one of the most underrated albums of all time. Yet because of an unsolved death (either a homicide or a suicide), Scientifik's career is stuck motionless in the vast universe of 90's hip-hop.

Coming through with his own brand of Boston/Brooklyn swagger, Sci kicked rhymes as if he was speaking to one of his homies. His voice is ernest and clear, though the reissues of his works have considerably bad quality. Being put into the game as one of Ed O.G.'s Bulldogs, Scientifik spoke about matters one would find on his mentor's Life of a Kid in the Ghetto album, that is real ghetto tales about stunts, blunts and hip-hop. On this particular song, Sci drops knowledge about an ex skeezer who played him like Parker Brothers, and illness ensues.

"And now you're gonna act like I neva neva leave ya/
I might want ya, but bitch i don't need ya/"

Sci berates on his former main squeeze, throwing verbals blows like "Now a woman can bring you up or a woman can bring you down/ but I ain't the one you stupid bitch so how ya sound?", "My name ain't Sammy Sucka/ for me to go and give a ho some dough because I fucked her" (Damn, that's some ill internal rhyme) and "Cus if i didn't put you up how would you have a crib?/ and if i didn't bust a nut how would you have a kid?" (hahaha). Yes, he is being extremely sexist, but Sci pulls a Jeru (on "Da Bitches" tip) and says "Now this ain't dedicated to all Nuban women/ just the ones I cannot understand how they be livin'" and "I never had objections to opening a door/ or pullin' up a chair for a girl who's not a whore". But Sci's misogyny does add something to the track that the Damaja lacked in his: teenage angst.

"I don't give a fuck about you/
and all your so-called friends, motherfuck them too/"

The song was recorded in '92, when the music industry was being bombarded by indie rock promoting the fuck-the-world teen lifestyle of cynicism. And though hip-hop was steady in its own world full of Afro-centricism and gang-relations, that attitude made some appearances in rap. Here, Sci's dongivafuk flow and strong voice displays his pissed off nature, which makes it relevant to kids who are going to the same drama. Now I'm not saying that Sci endorses the indie 90's loser-revolution, but his rhymes speaks volumes to the audience of his music. And on top of it all, he's spitting over hella live kicks and snares!

The song has a simple beat, with the same bubbly sample Preemo used for "Just to Get a Rep" and a melodic piano tune. But the drum beats are what makes the song so ill. They are sporatic as he changes up the pattern for each bar, so it makes them that much better than just a simple loop. This, accompanied by the melody, is what provides the danceibility of the song. The song sends an infectious head-nodding vibe to the ears of the listener, and though Sci is demeaning honeys with each line, I could just see beezies bopping up and down to the track. It's well rounded, almost perfect, so DL it and have it banging as you roll down your block!

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