Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Just Sayin', It Feels like Awkdwardsville

So with Rock the Bells 08 coming up strong with a stacked out lineup (!!!!!), I've been getting pumped to see my boys Phaycyde reunite. It never felt the same after Bizarre Ride (tho Labcabin was dope), but hopefully they can bring back that classic energy circa 92. Yet, I unfortunately suspect that they are doing this reunion more for publicity rather than honestly displaying their unity. In the Whatsup Fat Lip doc, Lip details how he and Bootie Brown had a huge falling out, and thus the group disbanded. And it just seems like the beef still exists. Here's how I see it.

Slim Kid reached out to Fat Lip, made this. Imani was down to roll. But a certain someone wasn't.

Maybe it's me being a worrying fan. But look he re and he re (who dat chick. apparently she isn't a ho). Cohesion seems suspicious at best. Those two are so close physically yet so far.

(oh I'm just gonna sit here silently with my sunglasses and twiddle my thumbs through the edge margins of this book right here.)

It just doesn't look real.

And whats with Zion Derek talking about Slick Rick's moral stories. Kids ya better treat her like a prostitute! Don't treat no girlie well until you're sure of the scoop! (dem sure ain't nursery rhymes)

I dunno. I hope I'm just being paranoid, but in a industry that has become faker than fake gold, you have to be a cynical fan.

"run dmc, whodi..."
"RUN'S HOUSE (OH GOD YES I KNOW THAT ONE! I love that show! It's so perfect as a warm up for Laguna reruns.)"
"Sooooo whatcha guys wearin'?!"

fucking prostitute

Uncle Ricky: So kids, remember! When a bitch tries to freak out before you knock boots cus her soon to be husband wouldn't marry a slut like her, don't take her warnin', ride her till the mornin' or at least till the pussy starts yawnin'.
Kids tucked in: Oh boy, that uncle Ricky is really weird

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